I can create use my art skills to create unique and innovative works of art and design unique products.
Photo_on_2012-02-14_at_10.17.jpgI obviously had the 7 of spades. The reason I chose this one is because it is an odd number. It's a number that you don't really think about because it is the middle of the number range. The biggest problem I had with it was thinking of a cool design to incorporate into the card and something that I was able to do artistically. Then the second question was what i was going to use to paint it. i decided to just go with a standard 7 card but I spray-painted it. The reason i chose spray-paint is because it is quick, easy, and I have used it on other projects before. I do believe that it was a successful work of art because I think it looks good.

Tape Mural
The reason we chose to do the Sword/Shield for our tape mural was because it had a lot of proportional measurements in it. It was more straight forward than doing something like an animal. The biggest problem we had was trying to line everything up right. We had to make tons of tape lines just so we could get everything the right size and shape and everything on the right spot on the wall. Suggestions for future students doing this is that it's a lot easier to make something look good with tape than it is with drawing. With tape you can make a lot cooler pictures than you can with drawing if you are a person that doesn't have much artistic skill. So in other words do something that looks awesome. The amount of people that you work with depends on how big the wall is and what you are trying to make. Three people was perfect for us because we could have somebody work on a different part of it at the same time and we weren't in each other's way.

Chess Piece
Photo_on_2012-03-27_at_10.19.jpgThe reason why I chose to do something like this is because it was simple. I'm not good at carving or drawing or anything that really requires some artistic skill. So I decided to go with something like the original pawn shape but I obviously modified it a little bit. The biggest problem I had was actually decided what i wanted to do. I wanted to do something cool but I didn't have the skill to really do anything that looked good. I then decided to do something very simple like this. I don't really have any suggestions at all for this project. It was a good project and it deffinatly kept us

I chose to do the field goal because I love football. It is a big part of my life and it seemed like it fit with the project well. The biggest problem I had was getting the shading right for the lines and the goal post, the green/grass wasn't bad because it is grass. I think it was pretty successful even though the one line isn't straight because I think it looks pretty good compared to what I expected.

For the "My Story" project I created little cards with pictures that gave the overview of my 6 week trip that my family and I took out west. I think it represents it well because I tried to put picture that progressed through the trip. So for example I started with some pictures of Colorodo (where we stayed first) and then some pictures of Nevada/California and then Sout Dakota to wrap it up. I gave little snippets on the back of each card about wherever the picture were taken.

For my vision tool I chose to use the theme of business. I chose this because obviously I want to own a business when I get older. I used the vase from the "Vase Project" as a make shift drink holder. This drink would be owned by JJ and I as our own private business venture. Looking at this everyday would remind me of my dream of owning a business and would drive me to achieve that goal.

Photo on 2012-06-03 at 22.31 #2.jpg

For my vase I started off with coating the inside with orange paint then I put a coat of a mixture of colors of spraypaint on the outside. After that I realised I wanted to do something totally different than that and tried my best to wash all the orange paint from the insed. After a while washing the orange paint got into the spraypaint and it started to peel. So i peeled all the spraypaint off and got the idea of using it as a drink container. This is where it ties into my vision tool because it was be my own label co-owned by JJ. Once we decided this we respraypainted the outside this time keeping the rim from getting paint on it so people could drink out of it. Then from there we created duck tape lids. These lids would be a one time use jsut like say a normal can or glass bottle. After that we created our own label and put it on the bottles and then mixed our drinks in it.

Final writing piece
I think i have grown immensely throughout the course of this semester. i cn look at soemthing and have a lot more ideas of how to do it than I did at the beginning of the year. "Artsy" stuff never really came easy to me before but now I can come up with ideas a lot faster than I did at the beginning of the semester.

I believe that my playing card project wsa the most successful because I thought it looked the best out of all the other projects I did over the year. I think it looks the best because I like the scheme of the colors. I don't know what it is but i love painting things with spraypaint, so when I get a project like this i'm going to use spraypaint because it is quick and looks good. I know the overall scheme of the card itself is actually very simple but I thought it lookd good for how simple the scheme was.

I think that developing creativity in school is very important. This is because without it we would be pretty stupid and wouldn't know how to make things that look good. Without promoting creativity our lives would be pretty lifeless and boring. Without creativity we really owuldn't know how to make that really cool looking project that gets you a good grade.

I believe that creativity has its place in the job market. Yes it is the driving force of the upcoming generation and the jobs that are being created but we will always need the left-brained "number monkeys". Without them there would be nobody to handle the profits and make the things that the right brainers want to happen happen. Ya they aren't as creative and don't have as good of an ability to come up with an idea but they will always be needed. Yes I realize that right brainers are jsut as important because we will always need somebody to make the advertisements to buy the product or whatever they are trying to do.