I can create use my art to create unique and innovative works of art and design unique products.

Playing Card:
I chose this image because I believe that the castle and epic view reminds me of royalty as in kings, queens and jacks. And also Wonder woman is like the queen of the superheroes and I view her as royalty. One of the problems I had was being able to actually paint the card and I had never painted before.
The way I solved it was I just tried what may looked good and I focused on it as hard as possible, to make it actually look good.WHat really inspired me to choose this type of background and setting is what I have always thought of when I think of royalty. I like to work with any type of material and so I choose many different kinds.
The types I chose were moge poge, tissue paper, paint, oil pastels, tin, thick lace material and regular paper. I enjoyed this project very much because I chose what things I wanted,and how I wanted to make this piece of artwork. I believe that it reflects how I think of a queen and how different it is from other people.

Chess Pieces:
I randomly chose the Evil Bishop and right from there I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to design a chess piece that had reflected both evil and composition of some type of bishop, pope or priest. When I first started my sculpture I thought it was going to be really hard and that I might not be able to finish it the way I had wanted. My final decision on the design was inspired by a picture that I had found on the internet that intrigued me because it was both evil and a religious figure.
When designing my sculpture and putting it together I decided that I had wanted there to be a lot of texture and to make it evident that I put a lot of time,focus and hard work into my final piece. A couple problems arose while making my chess piece. The first problem was trying to make the arms and hands of my bishop because the clay would ball up and not smooth out. My solution to that was that I had taken water and smoothed out the tiny fingers and made sure they were attached by the paste.
My second problem came when I had to much clay on the arms and I had to smooth out the grooves and take off all of the access clay. Then to fix it I took water and smoothed it out again and reapply the grooves that were previously in it. It was successful to me because I didn't even think I would be able to form a piece of art, and it actually turned out half way decent.

I can work with others to discuss and resolve artistic problems.
Masking Tape Mural:
Brittany, Melissa and I decided to use the narrow brick wall along the entrance of the school because a lot of people pass by there everyday and as it moves along it would change the style of sport. For our mural art we had chosen to do a sport theme in which every sport in the school would be incorporated into our ,mural. the reason for choosing this was because we all play sports and we know how important it is to a lot of kids in our school and the fact that it represents our school pride. Along the way we had noticed that making the tape murals was actually a lot harder then what we had expected it to be.
The reason for this was that the tape wasn't as flex able as we had proceeded it to be. This caused problems because we weren't able to take long smooth strips to make the outline of all the sport equipment such as; basketballs, softballs,baseballs and golf balls. We worked through this because we used small pieces of tape and alligned them perfectly. I believe it was successful accept for the end of the mural because by then we ran out of sports in which had what I would call "Known Logos" for that sport or activity.
Although after getting discouraged at the end of the mural, it truly was a success. I never thought that I would ever be able to make a mural out of just masking tape. If I ahd the chance to be able to fo another tape mural I would take the challenge. That is because I have learned from our errors and I can perfect another by knowing constant errors and fixing them.

Pencil Drawing:
The pencil drawing was surprisingly a lot easier then I had originally predicted it to be. The number one reason I had thought it was going to be very hard was the fact that I had to think of something to make totally out of pencil and expect people to know it was made out of pencil and was some form of an object. The first day of the project Mr. Ruggles had given us a pencil to color and immediately I gained a vantage point of knowing how to do an average job at shading and forming the characteristics of a pencil.
The next day when we came into class everyone was still working on their pencil shading worksheet, so I took it upon myself to think of what I had wanted to create out of pencils.I thought of the hardest thing that I knew how to draw so that the pencil drawing would be above average compared to my other previous sketches. A horse was the perfect object and I knew it when I saw the picture of a steed in a field. Some problems that I had with the horse figure was that it was very hard to draw the main with very long and very thin pencils.
This also created another problem of how much space I had in order to shade the pencil. I came up with a simple plan, and that was to shade each outside right first and then work my way in so that none of the pencils shading had overlapped each other. One thing that I didn't seem to appreciate about my work was that the shading could have looked better if I had spent more timeon it, rather then just a short three days.

Your Story:
For my story I chose to make a tree in which the leaves would represent a significant event in my life. The reason I chose this idea was because it appealed to me because it seemed like a challenge. The process definitely took a while but it was well worth it in the end. Throughout the construction of my tree, everyone would criticize how it looked and how I should just give up, besides Mrs. Ruggles. But once it was done and everyone saw how it worked and that it was nicely constructed they began to compliment. So this project showed me that a finished project is worth the time and energy spent perfecting it.
One thing that I might have changed about the tree would be making each and every branch have a thick dry wall base. I experimented on one and it worked perfectly, but I wouldn't have been done in time if I would have done all of them. I would have done this because it would create a more sturdy base and I could have made the branches go in any direction that I had wanted.
My story included many of the first meetings in my life. Such as when I meant Maddie, Kaden and Lexie. Also it dealt alot with the sports that I was in and my accomplishments within those sports. The reason I chose these events was because they mean alot to me in my life and the assignment was to create a My Story. My Story is the time I spend with my family and friends. Also another huge part of my life is the sports that I am in and the family that I build within sport teams.

Vision Tool:
When choosing what i wanted to make my vision tool, I thought about how big I wanted it and what ype of tool. I wanted a tool that would reflect where i had wanted to go during my life. Also I chose the place that I had always wanted to go to and that was the Bahamas. I had absolutely no problems at all through the process of constructing my tool. The only thing that went wrong was I spilled paint on my Mom's carpet(Hahaha). I will place it in my room on the wall that is directly across from my door so i will see it every time I enter the room.
Also the edges aroung the picture are painted pear and orange. I chose these colors because they remind me of happiness and they're just pretty colors:). One thing that I might have done different would be to add more villas in the ocean. That would help it balance out the picture a bit more.

Glass Vessel:
The process of transforming my glass vessel was a short process but required alot of work. At first I brought home the glass vessel and I had to clean all the candle wax and bugs. Once it was clean I began to think of what I wanted to transform it into. It popped right into my head, a colorful glass candle holder, that way the light could shine through and you could see all the colors. At first I didn't know what to use inorder to get the glass to stick on glass and then I thought of it, hot glue! And sure enough the glass stuck right on the glass vessel. Once I had all the glass glued to the vase I thought of what I could put inbetween the glass.
I wanted a hard cement feeling type of clay or grout, and sure enough Mr. Ruggles had some in the back room so that is what I used. I put it between each piece of glass. Once all in between the glass pieces I watered it down so that it was levels with the whole vessel. Then I melted wax and filled the bottom quarted of the vessel and inserted a wick.

Final Writing Assignment:
1. Reflect on your "journey" over the past semester. How have you grown artistically and/or creatively?
2. Which project do you believe was your most successful and why?
3. Discuss the importance of developing and promoting creativity in school.
4. Discuss the importance of creativity ("Right Brain Thinking" according to Daniel Pink) in the up-and-coming job market

1. I have grown artistically and creatively throughout the year. I noticed around the third week of class when i was able to just think of something creative off the top of my head. This isn't unusual for me except this time I was able to work through any problem that I may have painting or constructing soemthing. This is really important because now in future art classes or any other class I am able to work through artistic problems and projects.
2. I believe my most successful project this year was my Pencil Drawing.
I believe this was my most successful project because I was able to create exactly what I had wanted and it came to me naturally. Also everyone was complimenting on how good it looked and how it looked as though I put all my time into it. I was able to transform something as big as a horse on a large scale into something into pencils, which surprised me.
3. The lessons of how to be creative and think through problem will benefit a student in the future. A student should learn how to be creative, this is because as a student when a teachers asks you to think of something creative, now you can.So a student should be able to practice how to get the creativeness flowing.
4. The way in which it will benefit them is, they could pursue a job in web design, advertisement and marketing through an artistic view. And as art advances the world is becoming composed of many artistic and creative jobs. In the upcoming job market most jobs involve being able to think creatively or produce a product that is new and creative.