I can create use my art skills to create unique and innovative works of art and design unique products.

I chose this design for the 10 of spades because when is see things in an orderly, boring fashion I think that it needs to be mixed up a bit. The 10 spades being the same thing just mirrored needed to look like maybe they weren't aligned, even though they were. When I started making it I really had not idea what I was drawing, but I went with it anyway.

Chess Piece
(Photo coming soon)
B) Why? Me and Dustin Chambers had to agree upon one theme to make our knights.
C) No problems, mine did not blow up.
D) Suggestions? Don't let it harden.

Tape Mural
A) Our group chose Yao Ming because it was a fun, creative idea that nobody else had thought of. We all knew of the image of yao ming from the Website
B) We had one problem, and that was that the electrical tape kept peeling off because we stretched it a bit. Our solution? Put it back on.
C) Suggestions: Don't stretch electrical tape! I enjoyed picking my own group.
D) 4 people was the perfect amount, if not one too many.

A) I chose this because It is related to a video game called Kingdom Hearts, which is a video game I enjoy very much.
B) No issues that I can think of besides deciding what to do.
C) Don't wait until the last few days to color.

Final "Exam"
1) Noah and I decided that since we did not have a lot of time, we used technology to make a good piece of art of our life stories, instead of making one that did not look as good.
2) We encountered a problem when I went to pick up the Collage. Meijer did not have it and it was due the next day. I talked to the teacher and came up with a plan to get the project in on time.
3) Yeah, It looks nice.
4)I have grown creatively by expanding my imagination. Iused to be a boring old computer nerd until this class! Now I can imagine things I never thought I could have imagined.
5) Without creativity a work place would be awfully boring. There would be no fun or excitement or anything related to those two words.