I can create use my art skills to create unique and innovative works of art and design unique products.


I had problems connecting the mask to the axe. I didnt think it was going to stay together. I think i should of did one more coat of paint on it so there wasnt any spots on it.

I choose to do this pencil drawing because my family races and i thought i would be cool to make one of the cars out of pencils. It was hard shaping the car and making any details. I am happy with my finishing peace, i wish i could of made more detail and make it look a little better.

Masking Tape- Our group make all of the sports in the school.It was fairly easy but it got harder when we had to go into details. I really liked this project and if i ever had to do it again i would choose to do different color duct tape.


1. I did my life story on my sister brooke. I made this for her graduations present form me!
2. I needed to make a couple pages more complete by filling them up and putting more detail into them. i managed to do so by going over them and applying more materials.
This piece of work was a little complicated. It did not turn out the way i wanted it to. I wish i would of had a little more time to work on it, and more materials to work with.