I chose to make my card out of red yarn. I chose that because I have a lot of access to yarn and my card was the 4 of diamonds and its a red card so i thought red yarn would be perfect. I chose to make my diamonds silver because I thought they would show up very well on the red yarn.
I did have a few problems while making my card. The main problem was how to get all of the yarn on the card and get it to stick and stay on the card. I solved it by asking Mrs. Ruggles and she said I should try to put a lot of glue on the card and then spread the yarn out on it. I did that and it took 3 days for it to dry because of how much glue I used and it leaked through my paper.
Over all I like my card. It looks like how I thought it looked in my mind. The only thing I would change is somehow get the yarn to stick n the card and be flat on it.

1. My life story is about all of my friends. They are all my great friends and when I think about my life I think of them and all of the fun adventures we all had together, the ups and the downs and I wouldn't change any of it for the world.
2. The problem I had was what to make for my life story. I solved the Problem by thinking what my life is all about and all IO could think of was my friends.
3. I am very happy with my final project. Im very happy with it because its about my life in high school with my best friends.
4.I have been able to problem solve a lot better now. Also I am better artistically because im not afraid to try new things in my art.
5. Without being creative in life and in a work space you can not go forward in to the world. With out being able to problem solve and take risks you wont be able to succeed in life and be able to create wonderful new things for the world.