I can create use my art skills to create unique and innovative works of art and design unique products.

Final Project!!


This card represents the queen of hearts. I chose the queen from Alice and Wonderland because she is the queen of hearts. That was my first idea and I decided to go with it.
First I wanted to use oil pastels but that did not turn out the way I wanted it to. I was going to draw her right side up and then upside down but I felt that it would not have turned out as great as I thought it would. So I painted over the oil pastels to make it look better.
Overall, I'm not that happy with the final project because I feel like I didn't give my all. This project wasn't that fun for me so that's why I'm proud of my artwork. I feel like with a better idea I could have came up with something better.


Tape Mural:
Mine and Randi's mural turned out very well. I am very pleased with the result. The tape doesn't stick to the brick wall compared to the white walls.This was a fun project to do.


I chose this piece because I like penguins and love the movie happy feet. Randi and I wanted to do a movie theme so we chose penguins. I had a hard time sculpting my chess piece. I had to start over many time because the wings or feet didn't look right. I am very happy with my end result.

I chose this idea because it was different than what I've seen. I had a few problems with the coloring. I found out that color pencil aren't my strong suit. I'm not all that happy with this project, because it looks messy. I couldn't get it to look waxy. But overall, it's okay.