My pencil drawing is a momentum to my grandpa Houghton who died last year. That's why I chose a pencil drawing to remember him playing baseball with all us grandkids. I had one spot that was hard and that was the shadow behind the baseball. I love and miss my grandpa very much. But he would not being a cry baby. I think it is one of my best pieces that I have done.

With my chess piece I wanted to challenge myself more than the first time i took this class.
I had very little problems with my piece other than trying to keep it smooth. I decided on this piece because it reflects how I see myself in stories and poems I write, as well as the influence my family history has been in my life.

I choose this image because I always image the world of chess as a world that is out of balance. I also love history and black and white pictures so the reason why the King is a women is because the amazon women had a ruler that had the same amount of power as a king. I had trouble the left side of the drawing because I wanted to present her as if she was to walk out of her world into ours and that as she does she turns from black & white to color.I had no other problems other than the one

With the tape it was hard from the start because the tape would not want to stick to the brick. It was my first time doing this project but it was an experience that I am not likely to forget. In away it was a success for a first time.