Reflect on your "journey" over the past semester. How have you grown artistically and/or creatively?
This last semester has been a really fun time. I have learned a lot about thinking creatively and out of the box. I am no longer afraid to take risks and experiment with different things.

Which project do you believe was your most successful and why?
The project that turned out the best was the playing card. I used block poster to make jacks face and it looked like it was hand drawn. After the picture went on, I tea stained the rest of the paper and that just made it look amazing.

Discuss the importance of developing and promoting creativity in school.
Creativity in school is very badly needed. People talk about how people are lacking it and I can see it in the class room. When a teacher says to brainstorm an idea, most of the ideas suck. People do not have the creativity anymore that once made America great.

Discuss the importance of creativity ("Right Brain Thinking" according to Daniel Pink) in the up-and-coming job market.
Creative jobs are what is in the future for Americans. We have to start thinking creatively or all of Americas jobs will go overseas. Creativity is what will keep us on the map because no other country can compete with us but if we do not begin to keep moving forward they soon will.


My life story was a successful work of art. I worked pretty hard on it and spent a lot of time picking out pictures. I chose this theme because when I was little my grandpa use to clean all the fish we caught but he would throw all of the little ones in the weeds. I didn't find this out until a few years ago but it is a great memory. I never really encountered any real problems. Everything went very well and I accomplished my goal.

Is my Pencile drawing successful?
I believe that it is. I took a lot of time on it and the final product is just fantastic looking. I am looking forward to putting it in a frame and hanging it on the wall.
Why I chose it.
I chose this piece because it was different and because it looked cool. It also has a lot to do with my family.
What problems I encountered.
It was difficult to get the outline of the tank drawn but once I had it the rest was just time consuming. The hardest part of the coloring was trying to fit pencils into the predefined spaces. However once the pencils were sketched in the rest was a piece of cake.

This piece represented the Good Knight. It was a very simple design but it symbolized a lot. It was very difficult to carve out the interrior clay and have the perimeter still maintain it's shape. Once it was all carved out, I had to make a base for it. I decided to make it look a little rough and that is how I came up with the idea of the riffled edges. I would suggest that people take their time getting air bubbles out so they do not explode.

The Tape Mural was a very fun project. We decided to just let our imaginations run wild and that is how we ended up where we did. The main idea was to promote creativity and I believe we did a very good job. One problem was that the tape wouldn't stick to the rough brick. We just had to be more careful and made it work. I would suggest using a knife to make the edges square and neat looking. Also different colored tape is a lot cooler looking.

I can create use my art skills to create unique and innovative works of art and design unique products.

Why did I choose this project?
I chose this approach to the project because it was unique. A Jack of diamonds is what I was given and I immediately associated the card with pirates. Jack sparrow was a pirate so I placed his picture in the place of the jack and since pirates like treasure i made the diamond look like more of a traditional diamond. The background is gold also because of the treasure.

What problems or decisions did I have to face?
When I began the project I was not sure how to make the face look normal and be able to be flipped. So I took duplicates of a picture and reversed one of them and placed one on top of the other. Another problem I faced was making the picture stick to the poster. I modge-podged it but it didn't stick so I worked in patches and finally it sticked.

Is this a good work of art?
I believe that this piece of art is truly a good work of art. It has my artistic decisions incorporated throughout and it is beautiful. I think that the colors and different medias used make it stand out and make it unique. It will be a nice addition to my successful art wall.