I can create use my art skills to create unique and innovative works of art and design unique products.mexico_flag_.jpg
i chose to do this because i am from a hispanic background and love mexico. i just resently got back from a ten day trip from mexico to see my family. i usually go down there about once or twice a year. if it was closer of a trip i would most certanly go down there more then that. i take pride in people knowing that i am of a hispanic background and that i love to go to mexico so i decided to put mexico and the mexico colors on my playing card.
one problem that i ran into was finding out how to get the map of mexico and the number six and the clover onto the page. i didnt know how because i cant dram at all. so the solution that i found was to color pencil lead on the back of everything and trace over them on the large peice of white paper and it showed up very lightly but enough for me to see it. i traced over it on the paper and made it darker and then colored it in and this is the final product.
other then that nuthing really went wrong. it all basically fell together and i do beleave that it is a nice peice of art work, for me anyways.

the problems i had makeing my snowman was trying to get the head and the body into smooth balls. other then that i really hand no problems with it. i was really hopeing that it was not going to blow up when it got cooked. the reason i made a snowman out of all thing i could have done is because there small and cool and everybody likes then. there really isnt anything bad about a snowman. another problem was that i didnt know how i was going to get the balls to stay on top of eachother. but i figured out that if i flaten one part of them then itll stay good enough.

the tape project was a lotta fun. me and my two partners got along very well and we got the project done with out very many problems. the only mistake we made was trying to get the doors on the front of our to go with the rest of the barn. after we got that taken care of the rest just went right into place.


This is my life story. I choose to make a collage of photos from my friends and family and a few things i like suck at trucks and motors. I did not get all of my family on there because I ran out room with is a problem i ran into with the time limit I had. I was going to glue all these pictures on a peice of poster board but then I thought it might be better to put the poster board on a frame and then glue the the photos on there. That way it will last longer and it looks a lot better being able to stand by itself.

I am happy with it. I do think that if i did not run out of time I would have be able to make a better project though. It looks to plan to me. I would be able to add more color and make a border around each of the pictures and possibly even the frame. It is the same way with every one of the art projects that I do. I run out of time and it looks good but with just a little more time it would look so much better. everything that looks good needs time to have it made that good. with everything actually. Even with a class that has nothing to do with art. It is good to be creative because it loosens the mood with everything and everybody and just makes the work place a more enjoyable place to work. and it also makes things look good as well.