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Art reflection.

I got the nine of spades.
I chose to do my card this way because I thought it would look cool. I went into this project just trying random things. Then I got the idea to just change it up a little it and make my nines look cool. I used the block poster site to make a gigantic cool looking nine. It took a lot of work just to get it all down on the paper. It would have helped if it weren’t all block type. That took it the longest. Then I used oil pastels to color it all in. this took the most time and I hated every moment of it! It was so tedious and it ended up looking horrible! I wish I had painted it or something because the pastels got everywhere and ruined the project.
I wish I had picked a different font for my huge nine’s, something smoother (or easier to work with) so it didn’t take so much time. I also would have used something other than oil pastels. Overall, I think it turned out OK, but it could be much better. I think it is almost successful, it still could use some touch-ups.Photo_on_2012-02-17_at_10.37_#3.jpg