Nikki Holmes
Period 3

My journey throughout my first semester in Central Montcalm’s art class was a very, for lack of a better word, interesting. I created some very unique pieces of art. I have grown as an artist in this class because I have learned to leave my comfort zone when it comes to my drawing. I never wanted to color in my drawings for the fear of ruining them. But I have learned that coloring a project is one of the steps to finishing the piece of art. Creatively, I have grown by having to figure out what ways I could fix my project when ever something went wrong or didn’t turn out the way I had imagined. So I needed to find new and creative ways of fixing my problems.

In my opinion my “Your Life Story” project was my most successful creation. I believe it is my most successful because I worked the hard on it. I put a lot of effort into creating and perfecting this project. I put so many great memories into that project, and so many sentimental items on that project. It was definitely the project that I worked my hardest on this semester.

In my opinion we need to raise the creativity level in schools because more and more kids are just going home and playing video games and messing around on the computer. They need to have the right side of their brains stimulated. If there is more creativity in schools then children would be more excited to go to school if they know they are going to be doing something fun and hands on. Creative classes are dropping in schools because most schools don’t have the funds to keep the art, music and other extracurricular classes going. That is why we need to raise creativity in schools.

In the up and coming job markets more and more businesses are needed people who can use the right side of their brains. They don’t want people to just click and tap keys all day. They need people to solve problems and come up with creative and unique solutions to their problems in their companies. If school boards aren’t introducing “Right Brain Thinking” in schools early on then how can they be setting us up for success in the adult world if they aren’t giving us what we need to find jobs? If they want us to be successful individuals and successful adults then they need to provide more creativity in schools.