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I picked the Valentine theme because I got the card of hearts. That was what I wanted in the first place to. I knew what I was going to do before I got the card because I thought that I should be easy to do a valentine one because all I have to do is put hearts on it but still had to be creative with it.

I chose to use the tissue paper because my paper was plain and I didn’t like it! I thought that I would put more color to it so I decided to put the tissue paper on the parts that was white to cover it up. The things that I got caught in were at first I just didn’t know what I was going to do. I didn’t know what color of tissue to use. But then I almost ran out of mod podge when I was doing it at home.

I do like my card. After all I just like procrastinated for a while and then when it came down to the time I got it done in one day. But it looks good. It took me about 2 or so hours to do it all but I was all worth it.

1.Pencil Drawing, I love breakfast and I just thought that it would be nice and easy.
2. The problems were just trying to get the circles all right, and making sure that everything that everything went together. I just kept working at it until I got it right.
3. Yes I think that it is very successful.

Yes I have. This class has helped me understand what the meaning of art it.
When we had to make something out of tape. Because it really made u think about what u wanted to to and
also how you where going to be able to transform it into the thing that you wanted.
All students have there own kind of creativity, but when you have art you are able
to show what you can do. The Right Brain is the one that gives you the creativity thinking part. It can help you in a Job because you have to do a job that will be the right brain work.