I can create use my art skills to create unique and innovative works of art and design unique products.


I had the ace of diamond the first part was pretty easy to get the suit on the big A's on it but when the difficult part came when I had to decide what to do for the background. I figured I wanted something easy and fun to do so thats why I picked splatter painting. I wanted to throw some paint around and have some fun doing it. It was pretty fun after it was done it just took a little while to set up the cardboard on the pavement so we didn't get paint all over the place. A couple of problems were figuring out how I was not going to get paint on the suit and the letters I ended up just cutting out blank pieces of paper and taping to the letters so the paint wouldn't get on them. Another promblem was getting the different colors of paint on how much red to add or how much of the other colors to add but eventually we figured it out and ended up getting four colors. In the end I am happy with the work cause this would probably one of the projects I actually finished. and finished it Quickly.
I can use the creative process to design products that will impact everyday life.


For my chess piece I got an evil pawn to create i had trouble first deciding what I wanted to make i started thinking before I knew i got an evil one. I was thinking like babies there sweet innocent but then i got an evil one so I taught of Stewie that he's an evil baby. It was pretty easy to make everything except to get the right height was the only hard part but I eventually got it to be 6 in tall I didn't like painting it all black but I had to do it, it still turned all right.

I can work with others to discuss and resolve artistic problems.
Tape mural

At first me and my partner had trouble on what we were going to make we wanted something easy but that would still look cool. We debated over and over again on different ideas we wanted to do a gun but Mrs. Ruggles told us no do she came up with idea of a lawn mower and we picked that. The next choice was to add color or not we decided to do it in colored electrical tape which was expensive 3.50 a roll. But it turned out good and we both really liked it.


For the pencil drawing it was probably the easiest one to do I got an idea fast and stuck to it. I didn't really have a lot of trouble with anything on this one. I just took my time and wanted to make it look good that was the only thing that got boring but it looked good and I liked it.

I can understand the relationship between personal experiences and the development of a work of art.

The My story was fun at first until Mrs. Ruggles kept telling me to do more I finially finished it and looks like the picture above I think it turned out alright i like and it and I might keep it maybe. I still have to put another peice of art on there from when i was younger and it is going to go right where the big empty spot on the bottom. Its not all pictures to there is a qoute on there as well it say live each day as it was your last and i like that qoute because it makes you live life to the fullest and to have fun.

Final writing:
Yes I do think I have grown over the semester I have found new and more creative ways to do my projects. Also figuring out what makes your artwork pop and look better then when you first thought you were done. So overall I think I did get better over the semester. I really liked doing the tape mural I worked really hard on it I thought it looked good even tough we didn't get the most votes. It still looked good to me and Tye. But the project was still expensive but it was worth it.
Its good to have an art class in school so kids can find new ways to do stuff and be creative and express them self in a new way. Its helps our minds develope which is a good thing cause we all need that. It is important to be cretivity to help with jobs and stuff in the future. Cause i think a lot of jobs in the future are going to like that creativity and art class learning in there new employees. So it was a pretty good year.