I can create and use my art skills to create unique and innovative of art and design unique products.
I chose the card the 2 of diamonds. I wanted to create something that wasn't the first thing that came to mind when one thought of a diamond. I chose to do a diamondback rattlesnake because personally I find them interesting creatures. I like the way they can be so flexible to fill and twist through the card. I chose to have diamond stones in place of my diamonds because I thought it would be eye catching.
some of the decisions I have made in the creation of my card was placement of the snakes, how they would be positioned, how I would design the numbers, how to paint or give color to my card and whether to free-hand or trace the pieces.
because im trying to avoid my pack-rattish ways so I have already given my card away to one of my friends. she shares my love for snakes and she likes what I have done to create it. if I had the space, and proper displaying stuff, then I would concider keeping it, but i would rather keep things with more feeling and done on a free time limit because if there was more time then I would have done more detail and creativity.


when i began this project i planned on doing Gunter from Adventure Time. i wanted to do Gunter because in one of the episodes Marciline's dad (the vampire king that lives in hell) said that Gunter had the most evil soul he had ever seen, but then he blew up and i made an evil bird of some sort instead. honestly i stopped caring about it because it was taking too long i lost interest. when i made him, formed him from clay, it was really frustrating, the first day someone stole the solid body that i had smoothed out i just had to make his wings and facial effects...and someone stole it so i had to completely start over which just made me really mad at the whole project. then when i finally got his body made, i got really frustrated and i didnt care about the rest of him. then it went and blew up in the heaty thing, so i completely stopped caring all together. when i started painting i forgopt to leave the white patch on his belly, so i painted him all black and so i just went with it. no, i would not keep this piece. it made me nothing but mad.

for my tape project i worked with Jose and colton or however you spell his name. we were gunna make a spider web and hang a spider off the celing but then we decided to not to. they started it the day i was gone and they started making a house. so when i got back we made it into a barn because Regan was making a cow ubduction to our left, so we made farm animals walking over it and it turned out really cute.


i chose to make Marciline, the vampire queen from Adventure Time. i ended up changing her a little bit. her bass is the same, but in the cartoon she is more patiet and her face is more cartoony, i also decided to not give her fangs or a nose or mouth. the problems that i ran into was mostly not liking how the pencils on her hat didnt look very dementional, but then i got over it. also, her gloves, her fingers are supposed to be like a frayed pencil led, but it just looks like she has black nail polish on. i had a difficult time with the shading of all the pencils in her hair right. before all her hair was done, they just looked like dreads, but now they look like pencil dreads, which iam pleased with.
this is the first piece of art that i have done for this class that iam pleased with. i like how it turned out, and i feel like theres nothing i would do more on it. i might even concider keeping Marciline :)

For my life timeline, i chose to not use my entire life, because to be honest, i dont like to talk about my past. i was a depressed little sad story. so instead, i chose to make a timeline of my relationship with the love of my life, Sean. He made my life worth living and now that im with him, i am no longer depressed. I chose a picture of he and I that just so happens to be my favorite picture. and we have the silhouette of a heart. I chose to paint because i like paint, it like the feel and the look of paint, and i chose a window because apart from Sean and I, and the moments we share together (represented by the "stars") nothing means anything, sort of clear. i represented my past before Sean with the black "space" behind the glass. i chose to put bamboo paper behind Sean and I to represent the strength of our relationship. we have been through a lot together and we are always at each other's side. I have wanted to paint this picture all semester, so i was very excited to finally be able to for this project. im happy with the way Sean and I turned out, the "stars" couldve probably looked better if i had had the time to put into them, but i simpley didnt have the time. i had to sand all the wood of the fram to repaint it so it was all even, and i had to take the glass out, clean it, paint one coat, wait for it to dry, paint another, and another until i was pleased with the shading. i took the most time on painting he and I because he means everything to me so i was most concerened about the picture. some of the struggles i faced was the deadline, that was frustrating having to try to slam everything together intime so i could get it back today (5 16 2012) because it is our 8 month today and im going to give it to him for our 8 month. another problem i faced was the paper and bamboo paper behind the glass not wanting to stay in the frame. i ended up having to just tape it in this morning so it would be done. but overall, im very pleased with this piece.

this semester i had a hard time really getting into art. i didnt really feel into any of the projects but this last one. i didnt put a lot of work into any because i didnt care much for them, i feel like this last painting that i just did was challenging because of the glass element. it was something i had never done before so i had to work with it. and i feel like i did a really good job.
because i want to be a kindergarten teacher, creativity will impact me like crazy with everything i do. i will have to be creative in my lesson planning and i will need to be a creativity promoter for all my kids.