Photo_on_2012-02-15_at_10.32_#2.jpgI can create use my art skills to create unique and innovative works of art and design unique products.

I had the three of harts it was hard to get the harts on the there but the rest was easy. The hard part was to find something for the back ground so I came up with splatter painting it. It was easy splatter painting I used four different colors. i am happy with it because i think it looks cool.


Tape mural
At first we had to come up with something we could not figer it out so Mrs.Ruggles told us to do a lawn mower so we did. We had to buy electrical tape because it looks better and you can see it a lot better. It toke us a long time to do it I think if we had more time it would look better. I think it turned out good but we need more time to do it.


For my chess piece I got a good pawn so I did a big baby. It was very hard I had to start over and over because the height was worng. But in the end I got it right. I think it turned out good but it could of been a lot better.


I did the vase transformation and the vision tool together because it was easry to do it like that. It is a piggy bank to help me save up the money for a benelli semi-atuo 12 ga. I did this because I love to go out shooting but i need a good gun to do that with. I am going to sit this in my bed room and every time I go in there I will see it. I think that it came out very well!!


It toke me a long time to come up with something for this porject because I don't want a lot of people to know about my live. So I came up with to do a time line. I think that it looks very good and I like it a lot.


I think when I first came in this class I was not very creativity but know I am very creativity. I think that the tap mural was the best project because it was fun to do I think it looked good. Also we got to get out of the class room to do this project. I think I worked harder because it was a contest to see whos looked better. I think that we should be more creativity in school more because if we don't we will not be creativity out side of school. We should have more class like this so that we are more creativity.