I can use my art skills to solve problems.

I can create use my art skills to create unique and innovative works of art and design unique products.

I can exhibit, present and publish quality works of art.

Objective: With an emphasis on the creative process, students will transform a standard chess piece into a work of art.


King 10" Tall

Queen- 9" tall

Rooks, Knights and Bishops- 7" tall

Pawns- 5" tall

All pieces must be properly created out of clay and be able to set securely on a 6" tile.

"Good" pieces will be glazed all white (clear) and "Evil" pieces will be glazed all black."

Embellishments may be added after the glaze fire, but must remain within the color scheme.

Chess pieces will be displayed at the art show, March 22, 2013.

Screen shot 2012-11-09 at 2.42.36 PM.png


Spring 2010 Student Examples: