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My Playing Card
I chose the image Ace’s and Eights because I have just always like the phrase. The one thing I had in mind while drawing it was how exactly to put it in place so I could fit my letter and my diamonds on there. After I finished drawing It the next challenge was what colors to put in to it. I decided to stay with the basic playing card red and black. With the flames I just wanted to do orange and yellow and the little star at the bottom I just decided to make my favorite color, which is purple. I only had a few slight problems while doing my playing card but they weren’t anything too serious. One of the problems I had was drawing my picture on there so that it didn’t cover up my numbers or my diamonds. Then after that the only other problems I had were deciding the right colors to make them all blend together and come out nicely. All in all I think that my card turned out exactly how I pictured it would.