Final Writing Assignment:

Reflect on your "journey" over the past semester. How have you grown artistically and/or creatively?
I believe I have grown greatly over my journey, and in my process thinking through out art. I can problem solve better now then I could at the beginning of class. Before I would just well I cant figure out a way to fix this and now I say well let me think about this

Which project do you believe was your most successful and why?
I think my pencil drawling was the best out of them all. It is the best because it is the one i spent the most time on and the most perfected one i have done. And Mrs. Ruggles left a note on the back saying she liked the way i completed my bigger pencils.

Discuss the importance of developing and promoting creativity in school.
Without creativity everything would be like machines working without any fun or ideas. Without art classes kids dont have to use their minds in many different ways. They can run around in gym they can study for a test that is about to come up, but when can they sit down and draw a picture, or when can get lost in the music while working and create beautiful things.

Discuss the importance of creativity ("Right Brain Thinking" according to Daniel Pink) in the up-and-coming job market.
LIke i stated in the question above i believe without creativity and "Right brain thinking" life would be like you are a robot.Your job would have no excitement or fun it would be the same old same old thing. I feel like creative jobs will be more available in the future with all of the machines working the every day jobs the creative people can get the fun and exciting jobs.

Photo on 2012-06-03 at 22.30.jpg

My vision tool and my vase are two projects put into one idea. A way I plan on putting these two into one project is I am making a drink out of the vase and that is a goal to a business that I would like to open up one day. first I had to boil hot water and stuff the jar with paper towel so I could get all of the caked on wax out, then i spray painted the jar for the first time. Then I had to strip the paint off the jar and re spray paint it so it would look much better.

I believe my piece reflects my life in many ways, it shows how I get out of Michigan and how much I have seen. It also shows my love and passion for seeing new places and learning about their cultures and how they have prospered or failed in past decisions. I also enjoy meeting new people, And people in different countries show a special kind of hospitality that will top anything you can see in the americas. So I believe this piece shows my likes and dislikes in many different ways but this shows a major part of me.


The Pencil Drawling

I chose to draw a basketball hope made out of pencils because it is my favorite sport and I thought it would be fairly challenging to do. One problem i faced was making the pencils look like they made a basketball hoop, I had to form the pencils to make the backboard and I had to make the lines in the pencils have gentle bends in a lot of parts. I thought my drawling was fairly successful because it actually looks like a basketball hoop and I think the colors of the pencil looked nice and waxy.

The Tape Mural
We made a shield with 2 swords behind it with a plaque in black and white electric tape on the front. We chose this because it was fairly easy but when it was finished it would hopefully look good. One problem we ran into was that the electric tape would peal off if you stretched it out and the masking tape wouldn't hold the electric tape in place. One way to fix it could have been to use more tape and not stretch it as much, or you could use a different kind of tape. I would tell kids to use more tape then less and don't push the limits of the tape. I would have 2 people in my group because having 3 one person just screws around the whole time.

I can create use my art skills to create unique and innovative works of art and design.
Photo_on_2012-03-27_at_10.02.jpg products.

I had an evil Pon. I originally had a different design, but as time went on the other piece started falling apart and cracking. One problem that occurred was that the color of the gloss must have been mixed because the color on my piece was half brown and half black.The solution was just to leave it because it made the piece look more evil then it was ment to feel like. I would have to tell people to always have a back up plan because what you originally designed doesn't always work out.