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Tape mural project- We chose to make the shield because we thought it would look good. The problem that we had was the tape un-pealed itself so the solution was to not stretch the tape out so much. I think that we should of had a little more time to do it so that it wasn't so rushed. I also liked it in groups because if there wasn't it would have took forever.


I chose to do this because, well there really was no specific reason I just started sculpting and this is what I came out with. The only problems I had were figuring out if I should put color into or not and as you can see i did. Another challenge was carving the heart out to make it look good but i believe that I did a pretty decent job at it. If I had any suggestions it would be that they werent all different that the characters or designs were about the same idea.


I chose to do this type of card because I thought it would look pretty cool. The problems that I faced where coming up with the ideas on what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it. I am proud of this because I put alot of work into it I thought. I got the paint splatter idea because I had never done it. But let me tell you, you should probably where old clothes because it gets messy but it is pretty fun.